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Car cargo from dubai to russia

Car cargo from dubai to russia

Shipping a car from the UAE to Russia can seem daunting, but it is certainly doable if you plan ahead and prepare the required paperwork. The process involves researching shipping companies, obtaining necessary documents, going through customs procedures, adequately preparing the vehicle, and tracking the shipment. While complex, thousands of people ship vehicles between the UAE and Russia every year. With some guidance on the process, you can ensure your car arrives safely.

The key is finding a reputable international auto shipping company familiar with both UAE and Russian regulations. They will handle the paperwork and customs details so you don’t have to navigate the bureaucracy alone. Expect the process to take 4-6 weeks for ocean transport or around 1 week for air freight. The costs vary considerably based on shipment method.

With diligent preparation and an organized approach, shipping a car from the UAE to Russia can go smoothly. This guide outlines what’s required so you know what to expect. Just remember, with the right shipping partner the process is manageable, even if it seems intimidating at first.

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When shipping a car internationally from the UAE to Russia, it’s important to research and select a reputable auto transport company. There are a few main types of companies that handle international vehicle shipping:

International Auto Shippers

These companies specialize in shipping vehicles overseas. They handle all parts of the process including booking, documentation, customs clearance, shipping, and delivery. Many have experience shipping to Russia specifically. Look for a company that has its own operations and fleet in the UAE and Russia. This ensures they can handle the shipment door-to-door without outsourcing.

Freight Forwarders

Freight forwarders book space on cargo ships or planes and coordinate logistics. They may outsource parts of the auto transport process but handle documentation and customs clearance. Freight forwarders are a budget option but require more work on your end.


Some international moving companies also offer vehicle shipping services. This can be convenient if you’re moving overseas and need to ship your household goods and car together. Make sure they have expertise in vehicle shipping specifically.

When researching companies, read reviews and check for experience shipping to Russia. Confirm they handle all parts of the process including customs clearance, which can be complex. Compare costs and services as pricing can vary widely. Make sure to get an all-inclusive quote that covers origin and destination services.

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Required Documentation to car cargo from Dubai to Moscow

Exporting a car from the UAE to Russia requires gathering the proper documentation to clear customs and import the vehicle legally. The main documents needed include:

  • Vehicle Registration Certificate – This certificate proves ownership and provides details like the VIN, engine and chassis numbers. It must be original and translated to Russian.

  • Export Certificate – Issued by the UAE traffic department to authorize exporting the car out of the country.

  • Bill of Lading – Issued by the shipping company with details on the car being transported. Required by Russian customs.

  • Commercial Invoice – Lists the car’s value along with export/import details. Needed for customs valuation.

  • Insurance Policy – Required minimum third-party auto insurance to operate the car in Russia.

  • Technical Passport – Issued in Russia containing the car’s specifications. Required to register the car there.

  • Customs Declaration – Filed upon import to report the car to Russian customs for duties/taxes.

  • Certificate of Conformity – Shows the imported car meets Russia’s safety and emissions standards.

  • Temporary Registration Plates – Allow driving the car before getting permanent Russian plates.

Having this documentation prepared correctly and in order is essential for smoothly clearing export customs in the UAE and importing the car into Russia. Shippers should work closely with agents on both sides to ensure all paperwork is handled properly.

Customs clearance car from dubai to russia price

When shipping a car from the UAE to Russia, you’ll need to go through customs clearance processes in both countries.

UAE Export Customs Clearance

In the UAE, you’ll need to submit an Export Customs Declaration (ECD) to the customs authorities. This provides information on the car being exported, such as the make, model, year, and VIN. You may need to show proof of ownership and pay any outstanding fees or fines on the car. An inspection will be conducted to verify the details.

Once approved, you’ll receive a Certificate of Origin to present to Russian customs upon import. This certifies where the car was manufactured.

You may wish to hire a customs broker in the UAE to handle the paperwork and process on your behalf. Brokers are experienced with export regulations and can ensure smooth clearance.

Russia Import Customs Clearance

When the car arrives at the Russian border, it will go through import customs control. You will need to provide the original Certificate of Origin, invoice, your passport, and any other documents required.

Import duties will need to be paid, which may include VAT, customs duties, and excise taxes. The rate can range from 15-30% based on the car’s value. Your customs broker can determine the costs and arrange payment on your behalf.

The car will also need to meet Russian safety and emissions standards. Additional inspections or modifications may be required if standards are not met, which can add time and cost to the import process. With the help of a knowledgeable broker, you can have the necessary paperwork and inspections arranged in advance.

Once all requirements are met, you’ll receive clearance to collect the car and drive it in Russia.

Roro shipping from Dubai to russia

Shipping Options

When shipping a car from the UAE to Russia, you have a few different options to choose from:

Roll On/Roll Off (RoRo)

This is the most common method for shipping vehicles overseas. The car is driven onto the ship and secured in place for the journey.


  • More affordable than other shipping methods
  • Convenient driving on and off the ship
  • Less handling of the vehicle


  • Slower transit times since it’s on a large cargo ship
  • Limited sailings compared to container shipping
  • Exposure to weather/salt air during transit

shipping container from uae to Russia

Your car is loaded into a shipping container that is then loaded onto a container ship.


  • Faster transit time than RoRo
  • More frequent sailing schedule
  • Added protection from being enclosed in a container


  • Loading/unloading the car adds extra handling
  • Size limitations – large SUVs may not fit
  • More expensive than RoRo

Air Freight from Dubai to Russia

Shipping the car in an air cargo plane. This is the fastest but most expensive option.


  • Transit time of just a few days
  • Less handling since driven directly on/off plane


  • Extremely expensive, only practical for high value cars
  • Limited availability – only large cargo planes can ship vehicles
  • May require partially disassembling car to fit on plane

When choosing between these options, factors like transit time, cost, and value of the car should be considered. For most standard vehicles, RoRo shipping provides a good balance of affordability and transit time.

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