AIR CARGO Services

BBC Cargo air cargo services have a well established and deserved reputation for your import and export shipping needs.

Air freight service from Dubai, UAE to Iraq, Syria, Egypt, Lebanon, Morocco, Sudan, Libya, Turkey, Asia , Africa, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Oman, Kuwait, and more than 200 destinationes around the world.

We Offering services for Air Cargo Export and Import, FOB, Door to Airport, Door to Door. Handling the Commercial Cargo, Personal effect items.

Our air cargo services are offered from every major international airport and from hubs across the world. We even book chartered flights to destinations across the world to service each and every need for our clients.

Our clients always benefit from the convenience of dealing with a local representative. With our integrated service offerings, we offer full documentation and insurance services, customs clearance, warehouse space, and further transportation as required. We ensure that the quickest, most efficient and cost-effective transport cycles are maintained while ensuring the secure delivery of our air freight goods.

General Cargo shipping by Air

As an International Air Transport agent for all major airlines, BBC Cargo Services provides a full menu of air logistics solutions for shipments around the globe and for a wide variety of industries.

BBC Cargo for international transportat Services provide Air Freight, Sea Freight, Land Freight, Furniture Transport, Logistics, Packaging, Storage and door to door cargo services for many destinationes around the world as Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Oman, Kuwait, Iraq, Syria, Egypt, Lebanon, Morocco, Sudan, Libya, Turkey, Asia , Africa and more than 200 destinationes around the world.

Air Cargo Solutions in Dubai 

At BBC Cargo Services, we understand that airfreight is a premium and costly service. Our specialists help you save money with solutions that focus on quick transit, constant communication, consolidation, and intermodal opportunities.

Access to available aircraft capacity around the world allows us to stay flexible and further customize and optimize supply chain solutions for the best routing, pricing, and delivery speed.

Additional airfreight expertise and services:

  • Local business practice knowledge
  • Import and export documentation and procedure proficiency
  • Peak period capacity solutions
  • Regulatory and transportation compliance knowledge
  • Domestic air services: deferred, time definite, next flight out, and charter

Service features:

  • 1- Full documentation and insurance services.
  • 2- Customs clearance.
  • 3- Warehouse space.
  • 4- We ensure that the quickest.
  • 5- Further transportation as required.