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Shipping by Sea to Russia

Shipping by Sea to Russia from the United Arab Emirates

Providing leading-edge storage and logistics management solutions, BBC Cargo Services is a top freight forwarder to Russia from Dubai, UAE. We provide exactly what the domestic and international markets need thanks to our extensive experience in the freight forwarding sector. With front-line and roomy warehouse options, BBC Cargo Services provides air freight forwarding, Sea freight forwarding from UAE to Russia, customs management, and import and export of goods throughout the United Arab Emirates and throughout the world.

In order to consistently deliver dependable and value-added freight forwarding solutions, BBC Cargo Services promotes a culture of continuous improvement that results in satisfied clients. With agents and colleagues in all the key strategic areas of the world, we are dedicated to providing our valued clients with a full range of shipping and logistics solutions.

Access to all kinds of shipping services from the United Arab Emirates to Russia and other locations is made possible by BBC Cargo Services, a platform. Our user-friendly website will choose the best logistics partner for your company’s or your personal shipping needs. Additionally, our helpful team is always available to customize a solution to your unique needs and walk you through the procedure before booking.

Full Container Load, or FCL, is the abbreviation for a container that is utilized by just one consignee. An FCL is a single container used exclusively to convey the shipper’s products when exporting internationally. It is not necessary for the shipper to share the container with the cargo of other shippers. This increases the security of the cargo and makes managing ocean freight transportation easier.

When the exporter does not need to reserve a complete container since the items do not require that much space, LCL is employed. Smaller items that need to be delivered quickly and affordably are shipped in LCL containers.

Full Container Shipping by Sea to Russia from UAE:

With our qualified staff, your entire container’s worth of cargo is in the best possible hands. Thanks to our fantastic global network, we can give you the greatest service on international trade routes and at ports in many nations. The reliable, prompt delivery of entire containers from port to port or door to door is planned by our BBC Cargo Services professionals. BBC Company guarantees that your entire container cargo will transport without incident. We will provide you best full container shipping services to Russia from Jabel Ali port to Asterakhanskiy port.

Less than Container Load Shipping to Russia from UAE:

With BBC Cargo Services, you can deliver your group shipments quickly and safely. We offer dependable import and export LCL services with regular shipment to and from many locations across the world. Our LCL ocean freight service offers reasonable rates while minimizing cargo handling and shipment time. LCL maritime freight from BBC Cargo Services is distinguished by being quick, traceable, and secure.

When you utilize our ocean freight platform, you are completely aware of what you are paying for. There are no extra charges or hidden costs; just fair, upfront pricing.

Shipping from Jabel Ali port to Asterakhanskiy port | Cargo to Russia from Dubai

From Jebel Ali Port in Dubai to Astrakhanskiy Port and vice versa, BBC Cargo Services offers a regular shipping service using shipping containers of all types and sizes, 20 feet, and 40 feet, through multiple international shipping lines.

To help the customer save money on shipping, it is assembled and transported in a consolidation container in addition to the partial shipment service / LCL.

From the UAE to Russia, shipping and customs clearance take a few days. From the port of Jebel Ali to the port of Astrakhanskiy port, shipping is done in a container.

  1. Depending on where you are in the UAE, picking up the products from your supplier will add an additional 1-2 days to the process.
  2. We use loads that start at one box.
  3. Any commercial items, including risky goods (chemicals, specialty materials), are acceptable for transport, including machinery, replacement parts, chemicals, textiles, and clothing.

Whatever the shipment, BBC Cargo Services for international shipping keeps track of the entire receiving process, from the point of origin and entrance requirements to the port of departure and even the port of arrival.

20 feet Container Shipping to Russia from UAE:

One of the biggest and most effective port facilities in the world is Jebel Ali Port (Dubai). The Emirates has 16 commercial ports. There are sailings to and from the Emirates on all the major ocean carriers.

From the port of Jebel Ali (UAE) to the ports of Astrakhanskiy, St. Petersburg, Novorossiysk (RF), Hamburg, Antwerp, Rotterdam, Kotka, Riga, Tallinn, and Klaipeda, we provide 20-feet container, conventional, oversized, groupage, and shipping of the category (EU).

Following that, the shipping is delivered to its destination by road or rail. 30-45 days are anticipated for commodities coming from the UAE to arrive from port to port.

Entering the cargo criteria will allow BBC Cargo Services to calculate the potential routes, costs, and modes of transportation for maritime shipping of products from the Emirates. Select the best delivery method. Online reservations can also be made for cargo insurance and customs clearance in the Russian Federation.

40 feet Container Shipping to Russia from UAE:

A 20- or 40-foot container freight shipment from Sharjah, United Arab Emirates, to Russia is being planned. This is feasible with air freight, but you can choose to ship it by sea if the shipping charges are too expensive. Shipping goods by sea from Sharjah, United Arab Emirates, to Karachi, Pakistan, can be done in two different ways. The shipping options are FCL or LCL. An estimate of the freight charges for shipping a container is available.

You can ask for a maritime freight quote. This is available from the ports of Jabel Ali and Asterakhanskiy in Russia as well as Sharjah in the United Arab Emirates. Sea freight is a fantastic alternative for importing goods because the transportation cost is less than that of air freight. Of course, shipping freight by sea takes longer than shipping it by air.

Shipping from Jabel Ali port to St. Petersburg Port

The Big Port of St. Petersburg is another name for this port. It is without a doubt the commercial center of St. Petersburg and the biggest northwestern port in Russia, with a capacity of 5 million twenty-foot equivalents every year. In the area, the port of Primorsk, a specialized oil and gas facility, handles the most cargo.

Additionally, it is a significant port on the Baltic Sea. The port, which is located in Neva Bay on the Gulf of Finland, offers an important link to Scandinavia, Europe, and beyond. With separate rail terminals, simple access to motorways, and proximity to Pulkovo Airport, it provides first-rate logistical support.

This facility has a nearly 30-kilometer overall mooring capacity. Included in this is the facility’s ability to accommodate guests in more than 200 berths of varying sizes. Each year, more than 450 ships dock at St. Petersburg’s passenger terminal. This port has two big terminals and twelve berths.

Shipping from Jabel Ali port to Novorossiysk Port | Cargo to Russia:

The port of Novorossiysk is referred to as Russia’s “Giant” port. Russian grain exports are centered on this port, which is also the country’s biggest port overall.

The Port of Novorossiysk has a total of 43 berths on its 959 thousand square meters of land. There are 4.5 to 24 meters of depth. 180 thousand square meters of outdoor storage space are situated close to 62.2 thousand square meters of enclosed facilities and warehouses in order to keep freight under control.

There are a total of 11 berths accessible in this port for the handling of bulk cargoes. Over a 570-meter dock length, four distinct berths are used for container operations. Due to the facility’s scale, 208 million MT of freight may be handled yearly.

Shipping from Jabel Ali port to Ust-Luga Port:

Ust-Luga is the second-largest port in terms of cargo handling volume for 2020, behind Novorossiysk. It houses the biggest facility in Russia’s far north for handling coal in bulk. This facility will eventually grow to a total area of 30 square kilometers with further development.

Five significant berths at Ust-Luga are open all year round, even under harsh conditions. These docks have anchorage depths of more than 20 meters and can accommodate up to 30 boats simultaneously.

Livestock, liquids, and other general goods are also handled by Ust-Luga. The expected value of all freight operations in 2020 is 102.6 million MT. Two mega cranes, one with a capacity of 104 MT and the other with an 80 MT capacity, assist the conveyor system.

Freight Forwarding from Jabel Ali port to Vostochny (Nakhodka) Port:

Two sizable terminals in the port of Vostochny have an 80 million MT handling capacity. In 2020, the value of plant exports was 77 million MT. At a specific coal port in the internal structure, coal loading is managed.

The majority of the 600 vessels that arrived at this port in 2020 were bulk carriers of various kinds. The facility can accommodate vessels up to 1,80,000 MT DWT for bulk coal operations. As the project advances, the port’s phase 3 handling capacity will surpass 100 million MT. As a result, the facility will have annual net revenue of about 125 million USD.

Advantages of Shipping to Russia from UAE by BBC Cargo Services:

  • Extensive experience in car shipping services from the United Arab Emirates to Saint Petersburg in Russia.
  • Consolidating cargo in BBC Cargo Services warehouses before shipping them via sea containers to provide partial shipping of products and other materials.
  • Every shipment to and from Russia is subject to the same high standards of efficiency, competitiveness, safety, and other factors. Customers may also request cargo insurance services, which are also consistently provided.
  • From Dubai to Abu Dhabi, home and personal furniture can be shipped with packaging to Russia.
  • putting all available logistical options at the disposal of its clients and easing the import of their orders and goods from Russia to Dubai, the United Arab Emirates, and Gulf nations.
  • For urgent packages, use a quick delivery option
  • In its warehouses, BBC Cargo Services provides short-term and long-term storage services.
  • BBC Cargo Services operates under the tenet of fair pricing, which includes the cost of shipping and importation as well as any necessary guidance regarding the import and customs clearing process

Please do not hesitate to get in touch with us via our website or customer care if you have any questions about shipping services from Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, and other states of UAE to Russia.

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