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BBC Cargo Services offers packing Services in Dubai, 5ply, and 7 plies with wholesale rate and also Delivery up to your Door Setup. We are providing free delivery if cartons more than 10 PCs in Dubai.

carton boxes
Carton Boxes

Where to Buy Carton Boxes in Dubai?

BBC Cargo Service is the best Packing service in Dubai. We offer a wide variety of cargo shipping boxes and cartons. These boxes are made of corrugated paper or cardboard and are better than standard cardboard boxes. Corrugated boxes are used for packaging, storing, and shipping items such as fruit, garments, toys, and machinery. Shipping cartons are also used to transport freight by sea, road, and air. BBC Freight Company is one of the leading packaging material companies in Dubai and has made its name across the UAE and the Middle East with outstanding goods and services. Our packing box guarantees that your costly stock is secure when transporting or shipping.

Furniture Packing Service in Dubai

Professional carpenters are experts in dismantling furniture without any damage and after packing one by one all pieces by corrugated rolls, thermocol sheets, bubble rolls, stretch film, and clear tap.

In household furniture like Sofa, Chairs, Table, Wardrobes, and beds, also TV stands all if we pack in real condition without dismantling its take more material and will be expensive for the customers so the best way to open all furniture or dismantle after that packing well so it’s easy to again assemble well.

Fragile items Packing like Glass, Mirrors

fragile items packing its little difficult from the packing of the general items also used a special material for this like thermocol balls, sheets, cubes, also same shapes like glasses, jug, or big mirrors, watches.

For that we use double air bubble rolls, 5 ply sheets, or carton boxes, and also for TV, LED, or fridge we use wooden boxes with the same items shaps.

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