Storage Service Dubai

BBC Cargo Storage Service has it’s own fully furnished covered and protected Storage and warehouses for short- and long-term. Our managing team and technical system provides the best procedure for a deal with the customers and agreement to each and provide receipt and brief the temperature and distribution of material. Our warehouse facilitated with 24 hours security system through CCTV Cameras and also have Sensitive Alarm System.

Furniture Storage Unites near me

We have storage facilities in the heart of Dubai so Furniture Storage unites near me it’s mean you will find the best services in Dubai and also we have more warehouse in Iraq, Kuwait. Our Storage Warehouses are easily reachable. With our convenient access walkways and strong crew on hand to assist with the unloading, heavy lifting, much easier. 

BBC Cargo Services has the honor to offer its specialized services, provided by Its incomparable facilities In storage area which is prepared for receiving all kinds of goods, containers, cars and heavy equipment. The company is characterized By its trained specialists in this field.

Cargo Storage and Warehousing in Dubai

BBC Cargo Storage and warehouses are set up for businesses that need warehousing and fulfillment space. We have a custom space for your goods. No need to arrange civil defense approvals, pet control, DEWA, and all the other headaches associated with renting your own warehouse.

Long Term Storage Service 

Our Storage Service is the perfect platform for meeting all variety of long-term storage requirements. With our unique combination of flexible payment options, extensive customer support, and world-class services, no other company can compete with the value we offer.

Short Term Storage in Dubai

BBC Cargo offers quality choices for those who need affordable and reliable short-term storage. With our flexible pricing structure and wide range of options, you can easily get a solution that meets your exact need.

Cheap Storage Dubai

Here at BBC Cargo, our mission is to become the leading provider of affordable, Cheap storage solutions in Dubai, the entire UAE, and the Middle East region. We have a fully-equipped warehousing and storage facility situated near Jebel Ali Port. This makes us the perfect docking and unloading point for products to be distributed locally in the UAE, or anywhere in the MENA region.

Our team on the ground comprises professional field personnel, all of whom are trained to properly unload, package, store, and load large shipments of products. Plus, we have attractive incentives designed to give customers the best value for their money.

Warehouse Storage Dubai

As one of the premier packaging, storage, and logistics experts in the UAE, BBC Cargo Shipping brings regional experience and industry expertise to deliver quality storage options for customers in the Middle East. Our logistics and storage services are available nationwide, across the 7 emirates of the UAE and beyond. We have a fully equipped Warehouse Storage Dubai in close proximity to Jebel Ali Port, making us the logistically-ideal choice for distributing products in Dubai, throughout the country, and even across the region. Furthermore, we offer a strong suite of incentives to give customers the best value solutions possible.

Service Features:

  • 1- 24 hours security system under CCTV monitoring cameras.
  • 2- Fire Alarm System.
  • 3- Bulk storage solutions.
  • 4- Short-term & Long-term Storage Services
  • 4- It has a comprehensive procedure for the receipt, monitoring, movement, and distribution of project material.