Shipping Services To Jordan

Operating in today’s often unpredictable environment in the Middle East you need a deep understanding of the local environment and be able to anticipate the ever changing legal environment. BBC Cargo Services covers the entire Middle East with offices in Iraq, Kurdistan, Jordan, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, and Syria.

BBC Cargo Services provide all door to door cargo services for all Al Jordan cities as AmmanZarqaIrbidRusseifaAr Ramtha,Tafilah , Aqaba , Madaba , Salt , Mafraq , Jerash , Al Husn , Al Karak , Aydun.

Our experienced staff and packers provide predictable and reliable door to door services to and from more than 200 countries to and from a very challenging and dynamic region. BBC Cargo Services is also the Authorised Service Contractor of many countries thus allowing us to utilize one of the largest global supply chain to support any shipping and relocation

1. We have more than 2000 free square meters as an area for the storage of goods and commodities and secretariats, and is based in Dubai.
2. We have the best experts and workers in the field of shipping, distribution and transport and packaging, we are working as a team and believe in specialization.
3. We have the capacity to store all the goods and products and equipment of any kind and no matter how dangerous.
4. We offer the best logistics solutions in cooperation with our partners across the world, and give our customers
a range of choices in line with their wishes.
5. All of our business is subject to the laws and regulations in force, and a strong partnership with the General Authority of Civil Aviation and the rest of the state institutions and we have get certified charger license from the Civil Aviation which qualify us for the handling of all shipments entering international airports and work.
6. We have all the material and human resources for the transport of goods UAE to Jordan, according to the force in the field of safety requirements.
7. have some free full range of packaging materials, and we have work teams and especially so at a high level of efficiency

To know more about our shipping services, contact us through our team.

Service features:

  • 1- Extensive experience in Land Transport, Air Freight and Sea freight.
  • 2- Fast Shipping Process, Delivery and submission.
  • 3- provides packing, temporary storage and cargo risk insurance..
  • 4- Providing a diversified fleet
  • 5- Providing insurance services
  • 6- Customs clearance service
Shipping To Jordan