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Sea Shipping from China to Dubai

Sea Shipping from China to Dubai

Still, also ocean freight would be preferable as it bring effective, as compared to air freight, If time isn’t a cause of concern and if you’re looking to transport larger volumes. Sea shipping from China to Dubai can be done either through FCL( Full Container cargo) or LCL( Less that Container cargo).

FCL is considered when the volume of goods is enough to fill an entire 20 ft or 40 ft vessel. IN this case, FCL can prove to be cost effective. FCL is also briskly as compared to LCL shipments – as you have the holders simply to yourself.

LCL is considered when your goods partake space with that of others in a single vessel. When your shipments are lower in size and volume of your goods isn’t enough to fill an entire vessel, LCL is considered. This is cost effective, as you’re charged only for the space you enthrall . It’s important to note that generally, LCL takes longer to reach compared to FCL – as it requires fresh running, connection, deconsolidation and logistics.

Necessary documents for import to UAE (Dubai)

Delivery orders from carriers addressed to companies registered in the United Arab Emirates.
Original waybill (for ports) or original air waybill for air cargo
The original invoice from the exporter to the domestic licensed importer showing the total quantity, product description, and total value of each item.
Copies of the buyer’s and seller’s business licenses.
A certificate of origin approved by the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the country of origin indicating the origin of the product.
Transport certificate.
customs declaration;
Detailed packing list: Weight, packaging type, and HS code of individual items included in the shipment.
Transport documents required for import customs clearance

Steps for Importing from China with BBC Cargo

Step 1: Check trade laws in China and United Arab Emirates

When exporting from China and importing into the UAE, be sure to check the current regulations and restrictions. Both countries have different policies and are subject to frequent changes. Therefore, it is important to always have up-to-date information. This is also the time to figure out what documents you need to have in place to ensure your goods pass through customs smoothly.

Step 2: Decide what to import

Before shipping your item, you must select a shipping method. Shipping methods vary depending on the type of product. If you are not sure which shipping method is best for you, we will be happy to make suitable suggestions. Shipping methods vary depending on the weight and quantity of the product.

Step 3: Choose a shipping method

Before shipping your item, you must select a shipping method. Shipping methods vary depending on the type of product. If you are not sure which shipping method is best for you, we will be happy to make suitable suggestions. Shipping methods vary depending on the weight and quantity of the product.

Step 4: Estimate the tax liability on importing goods from China to the UAE

UAE Customs charges 5% VAT on imported goods. Additional taxes and fees may apply depending on the type of product you are shipping. It is important to familiarize yourself with China and UAE trade regulations and know what fees and taxes you may incur in advance. This will help you avoid an unfortunate and costly situation later on. This will also help you avoid unexpected problems with UAE customs. If you want to import from China but can’t pay the taxes, DFH Logistics can help you solve this problem. Our door-to-door delivery service prices include customs clearance and taxes. We’ll also help you navigate tax information no matter which shipping method you choose.

Sea Shipping from China to Dubai

FCL and LCL shipping

You can transport your goods using both FCL and LCL shipping There are many factors to consider when shipping from China to the United Arab Emirates

A standard 40-foot container holds 22 standard pallets, and a 20-foot container holds 10 pallets.

If you are transporting large quantities and can fill the container, it makes sense to choose FCL (Full Container Load).

Another advantage of full container loading is that the goods are kept isolated from other importers. On the other hand, LCL (Less than a Container Load) refers to shipping where the product shares space with other products in the container.

If you agree, LCL shipping (also known as grouping) offers a more cost-effective way to transport small quantities, less than half the volume of a full container.

LCL Freight Shipping Considerations
LCL shipping means your item will share space with another company’s item.

Also, due to the packaging and unpacking process, it may take some time for delivery.

Before departure, your items will be stored in a consolidated warehouse in China until departure, and upon arrival, they will be stored in a

What are the main items imported into the UAE ?

Men’s clothing
All Terrain Vehicle (ATV)
mobile phone guard
Professional gaming headphones
baby food
Packaged snacks
towels and napkins
watch out
Auto parts and accessories
Luggage and suitcases
Personal protective equipment
Water treatment equipment and supplies
electrical product cable
musical instruments
Fireproof material

This is also the time to determine if the products you wish to import are subject to restrictions or prohibited by the UAE government. If so, please research the current laws that apply to these specific issues. The last thing you need to know is that your cargo is not allowed to enter the country, so you have to think about what to do with the container loaded with goods.

Examples of products prohibited from entering and importing into the UAE:

All administrative/recreational drugs and narcotics
Goods that were supposed to be imported from a certain country were imported.
The product is of Israeli origin or bears an Israeli brand
Raw products made from ivory and rhino horn
gambling equipment and machines
radiation exposure
Used tires and advertising tires
Original sculptures, prints, engravings, engravings of all kinds.
3 layer net
Black magic, witchcraft, or anything used in black magic
counterfeiting and counterfeiting of currency;
It’s delicious and homemade
pirated version

Major ports in UAE

Abu Dhabi Post Customs Centre
Abu Dhabi Airport Customs Centre – Al Bateen
Mussafah Port Customs Centre
Zayed Port Customs Centre
Dubai International Airport Customs Centre 
Cargo Village Customs Centre
Al Maktoum Airport Customs Centre
Jebel Ali Cargo Village Customs Centre
Dubai Airport FZ Customs Centre
Jebel Ali Port Customs Centre
Rashid Port Customs Centre 
Hamriya Port Customs Centre – Dubai
Airport Cargo Customs Centre
SAIF Zone Customs Centre
Port Khalid Customs Centre
Khorfakkan Customs Centre
Saqr Port Customs Centre
Al Jazeera Port Customs Centre
Fujairah International Airport Customs
Deba Al Fujairah Port Customs Centre
Creek Customs Centre – Ajman
Ajman Port and Customs Centre

What Is the Difference between Door to Door and Door to Port?

Door-to-port pickup simply picks you up from the port of departure and delivers it to the port of destination, where you must pick it up yourself. We will pick up your shipment door-to-door from the shipping source and deliver it directly to your address.

Why use courier from China to UAE The fastest and easiest service


Receive the product. It all starts here. You don’t need to worry about anything when shipping from China to the United Arab Emirates. We collect the goods from suppliers/manufacturers, transport and ship them to our warehouse and begin the shipping process.
Air/Sea Freight: BBC Cargo has years of transportation experience and partners with the best shipping companies in China, ensuring your goods are transported at your desired time, with the best quality, and with minimal hassle. I guarantee you that. Shipping services from China to UAE.
We do the customs clearance for you: This means you don’t have to worry about UAE customs clearance or any other formalities as our team of UAE customs experts will do all the formalities for you.
Delivery to your home: We deliver your products to your address, no matter where you are in the UAE. Our UAE staff will call you before delivery, so you can pick up your order while enjoying a cup of coffee at your home or office.



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