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Send parcel to Russia

Send parcel to Russia

Shipping parcels internationally always comes with its own set of challenges, but sending packages to Russia requires some special considerations. With complex customs regulations, restricted items lists, and delivery obstacles, it’s important to understand the full process before attempting to send a parcel. Taking the time to research and comply with Russia’s shipping rules will ensure your package arrives safely and minimize any risks of confiscation, delays or extra fees.

The first step is selecting the right carrier and service level, as not all couriers operate extensive networks within Russia. Language barriers, documentation requirements, and potential shipping suspensions also need to be factored in. Once you’ve chosen a delivery option, properly packing and labeling the parcel per Russia’s specifications is key. Items will need to clear customs upon arrival, so you must provide accurate information and paperwork to avoid problems.

While the prospect of shipping to Russia may seem daunting at first, being prepared and vigilant at every step will go a long way towards a smooth delivery. This guide outlines the key regulations, requirements and best practices that will empower you to get your package to its destination successfully. With the right information and a reliable courier, sending parcels to Russia is very feasible.

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Shipping Services for Russia

When sending parcels to Russia, you have several carrier options to choose from. The major international delivery services operating in Russia include DHL, FedEx, UPS, and Russian Post.

DHL, FedEx and UPS all offer reliable express delivery services to major Russian cities like Moscow and St. Petersburg. Transit times are typically 3-5 business days from North America to Russia using express delivery. These carriers also provide tracking services so you can follow your package every step of the way.

Russian Post is the national postal service of Russia. They offer more economical shipping rates compared to private couriers, but transit times are slower at 5-14 days for airmail shipments. Russian Post also provides tracking, but it may not be as robust as private carriers.

Other carriers that service Russia include TNT, Pony Express, SPSR Express and CDEK. Delivery times, rates and tracking capabilities vary across these carriers. Doing research on reviews and feedback is advised before selecting a lesser known company for shipping to Russia.

When evaluating shipping services, factors like cost, speed, reliability and tracking should be considered. For time-sensitive shipments, express couriers like DHL and FedEx are recommended. For more budget-friendly options, Russian Post and other carriers are alternatives, but may involve slower transit times.

Package Requirements

When shipping parcels to Russia, it’s important to be aware of the package requirements to avoid issues or delays. Here’s what you need to know:

Weight and Size Restrictions

Most major carriers have weight and size limits for packages to Russia:

  • UPS and FedEx have a 150 lb maximum weight limit per package.
  • USPS has a maximum weight of 70 lbs for Priority Mail International packages.
  • For dimensions, packages generally should not exceed 108″ total (length + width + height).

Oversized or overweight packages may require special shipping arrangements at additional cost. It’s best to keep packages under 50 lbs whenever possible.

Prohibited and Restricted Items

Certain items are prohibited from being shipped to Russia or have restrictions. Prohibited items include:

  • Weapons, firearms, and ammunition
  • Alcoholic beverages
  • Tobacco
  • Currency
  • Medications

Items like electronics, books, and media may be inspected by customs and require additional documentation. It’s important to check with your carrier for any restrictions.

Customs Declarations

A completed customs form is required on all international packages to Russia. The forms require you to provide details like package contents, quantity, weight, and value. Accurate information helps avoid customs delays or confiscation of items. Most carriers provide the customs forms and can assist with filling them out correctly.

Send parcel to Russia


Delivery Timelines

On average, parcel delivery to Russia takes between 5-10 days from the US, Canada or the EU via air mail. However, delivery times can vary significantly depending on the shipping provider, delivery option selected, and final destination within Russia.

The fastest delivery times are generally achieved using express courier services like DHL, FedEx or UPS or BBC Cargo They offer door-to-door delivery in 3-5 business days on average. Slower postal services like USPS or Canada Post take longer – around 2-4 weeks for delivery.

Sea mail is the most affordable option but also the slowest, with transit times ranging from 4-8 weeks on average. Sea mail is non-trackable and has no delivery guarantees.

Several factors can impact delivery timelines when shipping to Russia:

  • Distance from origin country – parcels from further away take longer to arrive
  • Customs processing time – can add 1-2 weeks in some cases
  • Final destination – major cities receive parcels faster than remote regions
  • Backlogs and delays – peak periods like Christmas may see longer wait times

It’s important to account for potential delays when shipping to Russia. Recently, many carriers have reported suspensions or much longer transit times due to the Russia-Ukraine conflict. USPS, DHL and others have temporarily suspended mail services to Russia. Airlines are avoiding Russian airspace, leading to more circuitous routings.

During unstable geopolitical situations, delivery timelines to Russia can be unpredictable. Building extra buffer time into shipping estimates is advisable. Tracking parcels is critical, as routes and timelines are prone to disruption.

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Send documents to Russia

Send parcel to Russia

Customs Clearance

Shipping a parcel internationally involves clearing customs in the destination country. For Russia, the customs clearance process can be complex, with strict regulations around required forms and documentation. Having a full understanding of the customs requirements will ensure your shipment clears smoothly.

The Russian customs agency is known as the Federal Customs Service of Russia (FCS). They inspect all incoming parcels and calculate any applicable duties or taxes. As the shipper, you are responsible for providing the correct paperwork and paying any fees in order for customs clearance to be approved.

Some key forms that are mandatory when shipping to Russia include:

  • Customs Declaration (CN23) – This must accompany all international shipments and provides details like contents, value, sender/receiver info.

  • Commercial Invoice – Required for commercial shipments over a certain value threshold. Lists goods, prices, shipment details.

  • Certificate of Origin – Confirms where products were manufactured/obtained. Needed for customs valuation.

  • Other Specific Documentation – Depending on the goods, additional docs like licenses or certs may be necessary.

In terms of duties, Russia applies tariffs on imported goods based on the type of item and its customs value. Expect to pay 10-20% of the item value in import duties when shipping to Russia. Some goods like books or baby products may be exempt. Taxes like VAT are also collected during the customs clearance process at the standard 20% rate.

The key is understanding which forms are required based on your shipment specifics and classifying your items properly for customs. This will help avoid delays, fines or even seizure of your package by Russian customs if any crucial information is missing or incorrect. Consulting with a local specialist can ensure you supply the right documentation.

Package Tracking

To ensure your package arrives safely in Russia, tracking the parcel is essential. There are several tracking services offered by shipping company

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