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Shipping from Dubai to Mecca

Shipping from Dubai to Mecca

BBC International Shipping and Logistics Services from Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, Ajman, Ras Al Khaimah, UAE to Mecca and Medina

Shipping Furniture from Dubai to Mecca

Furniture is one of the most commonly shipped items from Dubai to Mecca for Hajj and Umrah travelers. The most popular furniture items shipped include beds, mattresses, wardrobes, dressers, dining sets, sofas, and coffee tables.

Proper packaging is crucial when shipping furniture to prevent any damage during transit. Items should be wrapped in bubble wrap or furniture blankets and secured in sturdy cardboard boxes or wooden crates. Fragile parts like glass and mirrors may need extra protection.

Costs vary based on the size and weight of furniture, but some average estimates are:

– Queen size bed:

– Dining table set:

– 3-seater sofa:


-Coffee table:

Door-to-door delivery is recommended when shipping furniture rather than port-to-port, as it includes unpacking and setup in Mecca. Reputable moving companies can provide insurance, customs clearance, and last-mile delivery. Doing proper research, planning, and working with experienced movers can ensure a smooth furniture shipping process to Mecca.

Shipping Equipment from Dubai to Mecca

BBC Company for shipping services from Dubai, UAE to Mecca, Jeddah, Medina, Saudi Arabia, shipping all types of equipment, vehicles, and spare parts. Land transportation. Sea shipping from Jebel Ali Port, Dubai, to Jeddah Islamic Port. The best shipping and customs clearance company.

Shipping equipment like office furniture, medical devices, or industrial machinery from Dubai to Mecca presents some unique requirements compared to standard cargo. Here are some key considerations when transporting equipment between the UAE and Saudi Arabia:

Types of Equipment

– Office furniture – Desks, chairs, filing cabinets, cubicle walls, etc. Properly packing and crating furniture is important to avoid damage.

– Medical devices – X-ray machines, MRI scanners, ultrasound equipment. These climate sensitive electronics often require controlled transport and may need calibration upon arrival.

– Industrial machinery – Pumps, generators, compressors, CNC machines. Machinery shipments usually require dismantling and expert packaging to secure fragile components.

– Heavy equipment – Forklifts, backhoes, cranes. Oversize loads need flatbed trucks and special permits.

Customs Regulations

– Obtain a Certificate of Origin from the Dubai Chamber of Commerce for the equipment. This proves where it was manufactured.

– Secure any necessary import permits from Saudi Customs before shipping. Some types of electronics and telecoms equipment are restricted.

– List serial numbers and attach pictures with customs paperwork to facilitate clearance.

– Customs duties will apply, around 5% of the equipment’s value.

Pre-Export Preparation

– Clean equipment and make any needed repairs prior to shipping.

– Back up electronic data and remove sensitive information if possible.

– Take photos documenting the condition of equipment before packing.

– Drain all fluids from machinery to prevent spills or corrosion during transit.

– Pack properly in crates or pallets and strap down cargo securely inside containers.

Following these best practices when shipping equipment from Dubai to Mecca will help avoid costly delays or damage during transport. Proper planning and working with an experienced international logistics company ensures a smooth shipping process.

Car shipping from Dubai to Mecca

BBC Company provides land and sea transportation services for all types of cars, equipment, vehicles and spare parts from door to door

Shipping cars from Dubai to Mecca requires careful planning and preparation. Here are some key things to consider when arranging car transportation between the UAE and Saudi Arabia:

Documentation Requirements

-You will need a valid UAE registration and insurance for the car you are shipping. Photocopies of these documents should be provided to the shipping company.

– A no objection certificate (NOC) from the car’s financier is required if the vehicle is not fully paid off.

-A Saudi customs clearance form and Commercial Invoice will need to be completed. Your shipping agent can help provide and fill out these forms.

– Some additional documents that may be required include a Residence Visa copy, Iqama ID copy, and Saudi driving license.

Flatbed transporting cars from Dubai to Mecca

We at BBC Company have multiple types of car transportation methods, including land transportation via car transport platform from Dubai to Mecca, Medina, and Jeddah, car recovery, as well as sea shipping services for cars and equipment from the Emirates to Saudi Arabia.


– The main costs involved are UAE export fees, shipping freight charges, Saudi import duties and port clearance fees. Fuel and insurance costs may also apply.

– Extra services like full insurance coverage, enclosed transport and domestic delivery in Saudi can increase the total cost.

## Timing

-It takes approximately 7-14 days for sea transport from Dubai to Jeddah port. Air freight is faster at 3-5 days but more expensive.

– Cars shipped by sea often take 2-4 weeks in total including clearance, while air freight can be completed in 1-2 weeks.

– During Hajj season, there is high demand so it is advisable to book car shipping 1-2 months in advance.

Selecting an experienced shipping agent is advised to handle all documentation, customs clearance and port arrangements when shipping your car to Saudi Arabia from Dubai or any other UAE emirate.


Shipping refrigerated, frozen and dry foodstuffs from Dubai to Mecca and Saudi Arabia

BBC Company for shipping services for refrigerated, dry and frozen foodstuffs, including vegetables, fruits, fish, dairy, cheese, meat, legumes, etc.

Shipping food items from Dubai to Mecca requires careful planning and compliance with regulations. Certain food items are restricted from import into Saudi Arabia, especially during the Hajj season when food safety is critical.

When shipping refrigerated, frozen, or perishable food items, it is essential to use refrigerated transport trucks or refrigerated containers. The cold chain must be maintained throughout the journey to ensure food safety. Using insulated containers with refrigerant gel packs may be an option for short journeys of 1-2 days for less perishable items.

Meat, poultry, eggs, dairy products and seafood are high-risk and require refrigerated transport in a truck or container set at the proper temperature for the specific food. For example, fresh fish needs to be kept just above freezing between 32-35°F (0-2°C). Other dairy and poultry should be kept between 35-40°F (2-4°C).

Fresh fruits, vegetables, and other perishable produce also require climate-controlled shipping. Certain banned produce like potatoes and onions from India are prohibited during Hajj season. Always check the latest Saudi import regulations before shipping any refrigerated or frozen food items.

Using a reputable logistics company is crucial for shipping any type of food cargo. They will handle all the necessary customs clearances, paperwork, and temperature-controlled transportation in approved trucks or containers. This ensures the cold chain is not broken before delivery in Mecca. Food safety for such a large religious gathering is not to be taken lightly.

Shipping Household, Electronic and Electrical Appliances from Dubai to Mecca

BBC Company for shipping services for furniture, tableware, household, electronic and electrical appliances from Dubai, UAE to Mecca and Medina.

Transporting appliances from Dubai to Mecca requires careful planning due to voltage differences, restrictions, and special handling needs. Many expats ship their appliances when relocating to Mecca for Hajj or work. The most commonly shipped appliances are refrigerators, washing machines, televisions, air conditioners, and small kitchen appliances.

Certain items face import restrictions in Saudi Arabia. Televisions cannot exceed 50 inches. Some appliances may need to meet Saudi standards, such as air conditioners having a minimum Energy Efficiency Rating. Gas appliances are prohibited. Appliances should be thoroughly cleaned before transport to avoid quarantine in Saudi customs.

Proper packing is crucial to prevent damage. Appliances must be secured in their original boxes and packaging if possible. Refrigerators need to be emptied, defrosted, dried and prepared by a professional. Compressors on fridges and air conditioners should be secured. Washing machine drums should be immobilized. An international moving company can ensure appliances withstand the journey intact.

With the right preparation and logistics partner, shipping appliances to Mecca doesn’t have to be a headache. Being aware of the challenges and regulations makes the process smoother.

Air Freight from Dubai to Mecca

Air freight provides the fastest option for shipping goods from Dubai to Mecca. This makes it ideal for time-sensitive shipments or smaller, high-value items.

The main advantages of air freight include:

– **Speed** – Air freight is significantly faster than sea or land shipping. Transit times from Dubai to Mecca are typically 2-4 days for air freight, compared to weeks by ocean. This allows goods to be delivered quickly.

– **Size and weight restrictions** – Given the limited cargo

o Space on aircraft, air freight has more constraints on package sizes and weight compared to sea and land. Maximum weights, dimensions, and density limits apply based on the airline and aircraft. This is suitable for smaller shipments.

– **Costs** – Air freight has much higher costs than sea or land transportation. This is especially true for heavy low-value goods. But for urgent or specialized shipments of high-value goods, air freight costs can be justified.

When considering air freight for shipping to Mecca, work closely with experienced logistics companies to understand:

– Exact transit times based on your shipment details

– Size and weight restrictions for the planned aircraft and route

– Estimated costs based on dimensions, weight, and commodity

– Any special handling required (e.g. for perishables or dangerous goods)

With the right planning and coordination, air freight provides the fastest shipping times from Dubai to Mecca. This comes at a premium cost, but can be worthwhile for time-critical or specialized cargo.

Shipping Luggage from Dubai to Mecca or Medina

When making the pilgrimage to Mecca or Medina, most travelers will have luggage they need to transport. The baggage allowances on flights to Saudi Arabia can be restrictive, especially when traveling with family. Many airlines only permit 20-30kg of checked baggage per passenger. This means you may need to ship extra luggage separately if you are bringing a lot of supplies.

There are a few options for shipping excess baggage and luggage from Dubai to Mecca or Medina:

– **Use a shipping company** – There are many international shipping companies that can handle door-to-door luggage shipping to Saudi Arabia. This is the easiest option. You simply pack your bags and drop them off in Dubai, and the company will deliver them to your hotel or accommodation in Mecca/Medina. Costs vary by company and shipment weight.

– **Book excess baggage with your airline** – Most airlines allow you to pre-book and pay for extra checked bags beyond the standard allowance. This may be cheaper than shipping for smaller volumes. Expect to pay around $100-300 per extra piece depending on weight and airline.

– **Ship unaccompanied baggage** – Some airlines offer an unaccompanied baggage service where you drop off extra suitcases at the origin airport and they transport them on a separate cargo flight. Rates are usually more affordable than general cargo shipping. Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Etihad, and others offer this.

– **Ship by sea/land** – For very large volumes of luggage, over 500kg, it may be cheaper to ship your bags as commercial freight by ocean or truck. Transit time is slower but costs per kg are lower.

When planning your shipment, be sure to check luggage size and weight allowances for Saudi Arabia customs. They have restrictions on the type of bags and may assess duties or taxes. Using an established shipping company can help make sure your luggage clears customs smoothly.

Shipping containers from Dubai to Mecca

Moving goods between the UAE and the Holy Cities in Saudi Arabia often requires shipping containers. There are two main options when using shipping containers:

### Full Container Load (FCL)

With a full container load (FCL), you rent an entire 20ft or 40ft shipping container that is solely for your goods. This is ideal if you have enough items to fill a whole container. The benefits of FCL include:

– More secure – only your items are in the container during transit

– Faster transit times since the container goes directly to its destination

– Lower risk of damage as goods aren’t reloaded

– Easier customs clearance since all items are declared together

When shipping FCL to Mecca or Medina, you must provide a detailed packing list and description of all items to customs brokers for clearance. Shipments are screened for prohibited items before release.

### Less than Container Load (LCL)

Less than container load (LCL) involves sharing a container with other shippers. This makes sense logistically and financially if you have a partial load that won’t fill a full FCL container. With LCL:

– Your items are co-loaded with other goods in a container

– Transit times may be longer due to additional handling

-More risk of damage during loading/unloading

– Customs clearance can be more difficult as items are coming

When shipping LCL, buyers must itemize and declare every item being transported. Shipments undergo rigorous customs inspections. Prohibited items can delay an entire container.

Both FCL and LCL shipping of containers require working with an experienced logistics company to handle documentation, booking, loading, and customs formalities when importing into Saudi Arabia.

## Choosing a Logistics Company

When selecting an international shipping and logistics company to handle your transport from Dubai to Mecca or Medina, there are several key factors to consider:

### Reliability and Experience

Look for an established company with years of experience

ence shipping to Saudi Arabia. They should have knowledge of the regulations, documentation requirements, and logistics involved. An experienced company is more likely to get your shipment delivered on time without issues.

### Services Offered

Choose a company that provides a full door-to-door service and can handle all aspects of the shipping process. This includes export services from Dubai, sea and air freight, import customs clearance in Saudi Arabia, and final delivery to your address.

### Cost

Compare rates between companies while keeping the above factors in mind. The cheapest option may not provide the best service. Evaluate the overall value based on service level and reliability. Some companies offer all-inclusive pricing.


Make sure your items are fully insured during transit in case of damage or loss. The shipping company should provide cargo insurance options.

### Customs Expertise

A company that regularly handles shipments into Saudi Arabia will be up-to-date on the latest customs procedures, documentation requirements, and any restrictions for prohibited items. This expertise helps avoid clearance delays or fines.

### Tracking/Monitoring

Select a company that provides tracking and monitoring services so you can follow your shipment’s progress during transit.

### Reputation

Check reviews and feedback from previous clients of the company to gauge their reputation and service levels. A reputable company is recommended for this vital shipment.

Some top companies providing logistics services from Dubai to Mecca and Medina include XYZ Logistics, ABC Express, Emirates Logistics, and Ocean Freights. Comparing costs and services between these leading providers is recommended to find the best fit for your shipping needs.



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