shipping from uae to kuwait

shipping from uae to kuwait

shipping from uae to kuwait

BBC Company is a leading provider of land, sea and air transportation services in the Middle East. Headquartered in Dubai, BBC serves major routes between the UAE and the wider Gulf region.

With over 20 years of experience, BBC Company provides reliable and efficient cargo transport tailored to the needs of businesses and individuals. Their extensive fleet allows them to handle anything from small parcels to heavy equipment and oversized cargo.

starting with just a few trucks offering delivery services within the UAE. As demand grew, BBC expanded to provide land transportation between Dubai and Oman, followed by sea freight capabilities between Dubai and ports across the Gulf.

Today, BBC operates a large fleet of vehicles including trucks, boats and cargo planes. They now transport goods to major destinations such as Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Bahrain, Qatar and beyond. BBC’s coverage extends across the UAE, with branches located in Abu Dhabi, Sharjah and Al Ain.

With a reputation for timely and secure delivery, BBC Company has become the preferred shipper for many businesses in industries like oil & gas, construction, automotive, FMCG and more. They handle various cargo from furniture to perishables to construction equipment. BBC’s experience in both logistics and clearing & forwarding simplifies the shipping process for clients.

Dubai To Kuwait Cargo and Shipping By Road

BBC Company offers comprehensive land transportation solutions for shipping goods between Dubai and Kuwait.

For land shipping, we utilize purpose-built trucks and trailers suitable for transporting all kinds of cargo. Our fleet includes box trucks, flatbeds, refrigerated trucks, curtain siders and more. This allows us to handle everything from small parcels to oversized industrial equipment.

Transit times for road transportation between Dubai and Kuwait is typically 1-2 days for general cargo. For time-sensitive shipments, we provide express delivery in as little as 24 hours.

Our land shipping services are door-to-door, meaning we will pickup your shipment at your location in Dubai and deliver directly to the recipient’s address in Kuwait. For added convenience, we also offer warehousing and inventory management, so you can store your goods in our Dubai warehouse until you are ready to dispatch to Kuwait.

We have longstanding relationships with customs brokers in both countries, allowing us to expedite cross-border formalities. Your cargo undergoes customs clearance while in-transit so there are no delays at the border. We provide real-time tracking throughout the journey.

Our experienced logistics staff handles all documentation such as CMRI certificates, invoices and customs forms on your behalf. We keep you updated with status reports at every step.

With regular routes between Dubai and Kuwait, BBC Company has the resources and expertise to handle all your land transportation needs. Get in touch with us to plan your next Dubai to

Kuwait cargo shipment.

Shipping from UAE to Kuwait | Sea

BBC Company offers comprehensive sea shipping services from Dubai to Kuwait. We provide a range of sea transportation options to meet your cargo requirements.

Types of Sea Transportation

– Full Container Load (FCL) – An FCL shipment occupies the full capacity of a shipping container. This is the most common and cost-effective option for sea freight. We offer 20ft and 40ft FCL containers.

– Less than Container Load (LCL) – With LCL shipments, your cargo is consolidated with others to fill a container. This is a good option for smaller shipments.

– Out of Gauge (OOG) Cargo – For oversized or overweight cargo that won’t fit in a standard container, we provide flat rack containers, open top containers, and other specialized equipment.

– Bulk Liquid – We transport bulk liquids via tank containers and flexi bags. Our hazardous cargo team handles dangerous goods shipments.

– Break Bulk – Individual, unpackaged pieces are loaded directly into the ship’s hold. This works for large, heavy pieces like machinery.

Transit Times

Sea transit time from Dubai to Kuwait Port is approximately 2-4 days depending on port rotations. We offer weekly consolidated LCL services as well as daily FCL departures to meet your supply chain needs.

Ports Used

For sea freight from Dubai to Kuwait, we utilize the major ports of Jebel Ali (UAE) and Shuwaikh Port (Kuwait). Our logistics experts will advise on the optimal routing and transit port calls based on your cargo specifications and delivery timeline.

We have strong working relationships with the ports and customs authorities in both countries to ensure efficient handling. Our teams oversee all port operations and formalities for a smooth shipping process.

Air Freight from Dubai to Kuwait

BBC Company offers fast and reliable air freight services from Dubai to Kuwait. We provide door-to-door delivery for all types of cargo including general freight, perishables, dangerous goods, and oversized shipments.

Types of Air Freight

– General cargo – for palletized and containerized shipments of electronics, automotive parts, garments, pharmaceuticals etc. We can accommodate shipments from 1 kg up to chartered aircraft loads.

– Perishable shipments – temperature controlled transport of fruits, vegetables, flowers, meat, dairy products etc. We maintain an extensive network of cool chain partners across UAE and Kuwait.

– Dangerous goods – certified experts and IATA compliant processes for safe transportation of hazardous materials like chemicals, batteries, magnetized equipment etc.

– Oversized cargo – our owned fleet of super wing box aircrafts can carry extra-large and heavy shipments up to 100 tons. This includes industrial machinery, oil & gas equipment, boats and aircraft parts.

Transit Times

We provide some of the fastest transit times by air between Dubai and Kuwait:

– Dubai to Kuwait City: 2 hours

– Dubai to Kuwait Airport: 1.5 hours

With our extensive network coverage and regular flights, we can deliver urgent shipments within 24 hours from pickup.

Airports Used

– Dubai (DXB) – Our regional air freight hub with connections across the globe. Excellent infrastructure for cargo operations.

– Kuwait City Airport (KWI) – Main airport serving metropolitan Kuwait City area. Newly built cargo facilities.

– Kuwait International Airport (KIA) – Largest airport in Kuwait located south of Kuwait City. State-of-the-art cargo terminal.

With strategic locations close to major manufacturing and commercial centers in both countries, our selected airports ensure minimum ground transit time.

Shipping furniture from Dubai to Kuwait

Furniture requires specialized packing and handling to ensure safe transport between Dubai and Kuwait. BBC Company offers end-to-end solutions tailored for shipping all types of furniture.

Specialized Services

BBC Company has expertise in shipping antique, modern, and custom furniture of all shapes, sizes, and materials. Our experienced staff knows how to safely transport fragile and valuable furniture pieces. We use furniture pads, blankets, stretch wrap, and other specialized equipment. For particularly fragile or unwieldy items, we construct custom crates.

Packing and Crating

Proper packing is key to preventing damage during transit. BBC Company’s professional packers carefully pad and wrap each furniture item based on its size, weight, and fragility. We construct sturdy wooden crates when required to fully protect the furniture. All furniture shipments are secured in the truck to prevent shifting during transport.

Insurance Offerings

We understand the high value of some furniture shipments. BBC Company offers flexible insurance options to cover loss or damage during shipping. Clients can choose full-coverage policies or lower-cost limited liability plans. We assist clients in submitting and processing claims if any damage occurs. Our excellent safety record minimizes insurance claims.

With BBC Company’s bespoke furniture shipping services, clients can transport their most precious antiques, artistic creations, and family heirlooms safely between Dubai and Kuwait. Our specialized expertise gives clients complete peace of mind.

Shipping cars from Dubai to Kuwait

When shipping your car from Dubai to Kuwait with BBC Company, you can expect a smooth and stress-free experience. Our specialized car transportation services are designed to safely transport your vehicle door-to-door with maximum efficiency.

To begin the process, we will need copies of all required documentation for exporting your car from the UAE and importing it into Kuwait. This includes your car registration, ownership documentation, insurance details, and any customs paperwork. Our team will inform you of the exact documents needed based on your specific shipment.

One of the most important aspects of shipping a car internationally is having proper insurance coverage. We highly recommend getting marine cargo insurance to protect your vehicle in transit in case of any damage or accidents. BBC Company also provides basic insurance, but for full protection marine insurance is advised.

When shipping across international borders, you will likely have to pay applicable customs duties and taxes. We will assist you in pre-clearing your car with customs before it arrives to avoid any delays. Our long-standing relationships with customs authorities in both countries helps facilitate the duties and import process.

At BBC Company, we have successfully transported thousands of vehicles between the UAE and Kuwait. Our drivers are specially trained to handle cars with care, and our fleet is designed for securely transporting vehicles of all types. Get in touch with us to learn more and get a free quote for shipping your car.

Shipping equipment from Dubai to Kuwait

BBC Company offers specialized heavy equipment transport between Dubai and Kuwait. We have a fleet of specialized trucks capable of safely transporting construction equipment, industrial machinery, mining equipment, oil field equipment, and other oversized loads.

Our experienced drivers are specially trained to handle sensitive heavy equipment, securing loads properly and operating necessary escort vehicles. We provide door-to-door service, handling all permits and clearances for a smooth delivery.

For equipment that requires disassembly, BBC Company has trained technicians who can dismantle, load, ship and reassemble your equipment at the destination. From small forklifts to huge off-road dump trucks, we have transported all types of heavy machinery between Dubai and Kuwait.

Some of the heavy equipment we commonly ship includes:

– Excavators

– Bulldozers

– Cranes

– Generators

– Turbines

– Boilers

– Conveyor systems

– Presses

– Lathes

– Boring mills

– Pumps

– Compressors

– Welding equipment

We also offer full installation services at the destination, providing any technicians, tools, and equipment needed to get your machinery fully operational after delivery. Our specialized experience with heavy equipment shipments ensures your valuable assets are transported safely, securely and in working order.

Shipping refrigerated, dry and frozen foodstuffs from Dubai to Kuwait

Transporting refrigerated, frozen, and dry foodstuffs between Dubai and Kuwait requires special handling and clearances. BBC Company provides temperature-controlled shipping solutions to ensure the safety and freshness of your cargo.

Our refrigerated trucks and containers maintain precise temperatures throughout transit to preserve quality. Shipments are closely monitored with remote tracking devices to immediately detect any temperature fluctuations. This allows us to proactively intervene if needed.

Strict adherence to food safety regulations is critical when transporting perishable cargo. BBC Company is registered with the relevant food authorities in the UAE and Kuwait. Our drivers and vehicles comply with all sanitation requirements. Proper clearances are obtained before each shipment to avoid delays at customs.

Certain categories of foodstuffs may require additional documentation such as health certificates vouching for the safety of the products. Our team will advise you on the specific regulatory requirements based on the type of cargo being shipped. We can assist with securing any necessary clearances from health authorities before transportation.

Trust BBC Company to safely and securely transport your refrigerated, frozen or dry cargo between Dubai and Kuwait. Our combination of specialized equipment, adherence to food safety standards, and expertise with cross-border clearances ensures your perishable shipments arrive intact and on time.

Shipping household, electrical and electronic appliances from Dubai to Kuwait

BBC Company provides specialized shipping services for transporting household appliances, electronics, and other sensitive equipment between Dubai and Kuwait. We understand the special care and handling required to safely move these items without damage.

Our experienced staff takes extra precautions when loading and securing appliances and electronics in our trucks, containers or aircraft. We use soft blankets, air cushions, and sturdy crating materials to stabilize and protect your appliances during transit. Vibration and impacts are minimized to prevent jarring of sensitive components.

For ultimate convenience, BBC Company offers door-to-door pickup and delivery services when transporting your household appliances and electronics. We’ll come to your home or office to collect the items, handle all customs clearing and paperwork, and deliver directly to the destination address in Kuwait. This takes the hassle out of transport logistics for you.

We also provide optional installation services at the destination upon request. Our technical teams can unpack and setup your appliances, home electronics, IT servers or any other equipment. We’ll ensure proper reassembly, functioning and safe operation at the end location. Rely on our specialists for full service shipping and delivery of your sensitive appliances and electronics between Dubai and Kuwait.

Shipping containers from Dubai to Kuwait

BBC Company offers reliable shipping container transportation between Dubai and Kuwait. We have a large fleet of shipping containers suited for all types of cargo, including:

– Standard dry containers in 20ft and 40ft lengths for general cargo

– High cube containers with extra interior height for bulky goods

– Open top containers for oversized loads

– Flat rack containers for machinery and vehicles

– Temperature-controlled reefer containers

Our operations team will advise on the optimal container type and quantity based on your cargo parameters. We offer stuffing and sealing services at our container yard to securely load your goods into the shipping boxes. Our staff are trained to distribute weight evenly and secure the contents properly before sealing the container door.

All our containers are fitted with security seals and tracked throughout the transit. You will receive regular status updates on the location and condition of your container via email or SMS. Our system tracks containers in real-time using RFID tags and GPS technology for full visibility while in-transit or in port. Should delays or issues arise, we will notify you immediately and rapidly respond.

With large container capacity, extensive fleet,loading services and real-time tracking, BBC Company is your ideal partner for shipping containers between Dubai and Kuwait. Get in touch with our logistics team to discuss how we can transport your goods.

Flatbed transporting cars from Dubai to Kuwait

BBC Company provides its customers from Dubai to Kuwait with recovery services and a door-to-door car transport platform. We offer the best prices in addition to cars equipped to transport all types of cars and vehicles.

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