Shipping from UAE to USA - Sea Cargo UAE to USA

Shipping from UAE to USA

Shipping from UAE to USA

BBC International Shipping and Logistics Services Company, air and sea shipping from the Emirates to the United States of America, door to door, shipping of furniture, cars, equipment, spare parts, goods, containers, papers, documents, luggage, and bags. Express air shipping. BBC for shipping, export and import services from Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah to the United States. American ships refrigerated, dry and frozen food, fruits and vegetables

Send Parcel from United Arab Emirates to United States

Shipping papers, documents, gifts, perfumes, and international contracts from Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, and Ajman to the United States of America. Shipping bags and luggage from door to door, BBC Company, the best express air shipping services.

CARGO TO USA from DUBAI | UAE | Sea Freight

BBC Company provides effective services in the field of maritime shipping through the port of Jubail, Ali Dubai, and the various ports of the Emirates, the port of Abu Dhabi and Sharjah, to America.

The Port of Los Angeles is one of the most important ports in America.

Long Beach Port in America.

Port of New York/New Jersey in America.

Port of Savannah in America.

The Port of Tacoma is one of the ports of America.

Norfolk Port in America.

Port of Houston in America.

Port of New Orleans in America.

Port of Chicago in America.

Baltimore Port in America.

Transporting goods from the United Arab Emirates to the United States of America Transporting goods from the UAE to the USA

So, you’ve got the brilliant idea of importing goods from United Arab Emirates (UAE) – to United States of America (USA).

Shipping to USA from UAE | Dubai | Sea Freight Do you have a business in Dubai and are looking to expand your operations to the United States? Or maybe you’re an individual who wants to send some personal belongings to family or friends living in the US. Whatever your reason may be, shipping from UAE to the USA can be a breeze if you choose the right method – sea freight.

Sea freight is a popular choice for shipping goods internationally due to its cost-effectiveness, especially for large or heavy shipments. Not only is it more affordable than air freight

Shipping cars, equipment, furniture, goods, containers and perfumes from Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, UAE to the United States of America

FCL – LCL Shipping Containers

Shipping refrigerated and dry containers from door to door, BBC, the best shipping companies from the Emirates to the United States of America

Shipping from Dubai, UAE to the United States of America


BBC International is a leading provider of shipping and logistics services between the United Arab Emirates and the United States. With over 15 years of experience, BBC offers reliable door-to-door shipping solutions for businesses and individuals.

Based in Dubai, BBC specializes in sea and air freight between the UAE and the USA. Their services include:

– Export and import shipping

– Transportation of commercial cargo and household goods

-Shipping of vehicles and equipment

-International relocation services

BBC handles all aspects of the shipping process including customs clearance, documentation, tracking, and delivery. Their expertise covers shipments of any size from small parcels to full container loads.

With a reputation for timely deliveries and exceptional customer service, BBC has become the go-to choice for UAE-USA shipping. They combine extensive experience and logistics know-how to provide customized solutions tailored to any shipping need.

From their base in Jebel Ali, Dubai, BBC offers direct sailing connections to the United States. Their bonded warehouses and streamlined procedures ensure efficient handling of all cargo. An extensive network of partners provides reliable USA-UAE shipping routes.

Whether you need to ship commercial cargo, personal effects, or vehicles, BBC has the expertise to handle your USA shipping needs quickly and affordably. Their commitment to service excellence makes BBC International the premier choice for shipping between the UAE and USA.

Shipping from UAE to USA

The United Arab Emirates (UAE) has become a major trading hub connecting Asia, Europe, and Africa. The UAE’s ports and airports provide frequent shipping options to the United States.

The main shipping routes from the UAE to the USA are from Dubai and Abu Dhabi to major ports on the east coast such as New York, Norfolk, Savannah, and Miami. Shipments usually transit through hub ports like Jebel Ali in Dubai or Khalifa Port in Abu Dhabi before heading onwards to the USA.

A wide variety of goods are shipped to the USA from the UAE’s bustling ports. Major exports include oil and fuel, aluminum, gold, vehicles, machinery, plastics, and textiles. The UAE also ships many re-exports from China and India destined for US retailers.

Sea freight shipping times from UAE to USA east coast ports range from 25-35 days depending on the carrier, with west coast taking slightly longer.

Air freight is a faster option, with shipments taking just 1-2 weeks to reach the USA.

Sea Freight from UAE to USA

Sea freight provides a cost-effective option for shipping non-urgent, high volume cargo from the UAE to the USA. Transit times vary from 30-45 days depending on the port of loading.

The main sea ports in the UAE for exports to the USA are Jebel Ali Port in Dubai and Khalifa Port in Abu Dhabi. These connect to all major ports in the USA including New York, Los Angeles, Houston, Charleston, and more.

### Costs

This depends on the type of goods, weight, volume, and any special handling requirements. Rates are usually valid for 1 month.

Get an instant sea freight quote by contacting the BBC Shipping exports team and providing details of your shipment cargo.

### Customs Clearance

BBC Shipping will handle all UAE and USA customs clearance and provide the required commercial/legal documentation.

Key documents needed for UAE customs export clearance include Commercial Invoice, Packing List, Bill of Lading, and Certificate of Origin.

USA customs import clearance requires an Importer Security Filing and additional customs forms depending on the goods. BBC has extensive experience clearing all kinds of cargo into the USA.

### Documentation

– Commercial Invoice – Provides itemized list of goods with values and totals

– Packing List – Details contents of each package, box, crate, pallet or container

– Bill of Lading – Issued by the carrier to acknowledge receipt of goods

– Certificate of Origin – Confirms the country of manufacture of the goods

– Other docs like Insurance Certificate, Inspection Certificate per shipment

BBC Shipping will prepare all documentation and manage customs formalities from start to finish. Contact our exports team to learn more about sea freight from the UAE to USA.

Shipping Cars from USA to UAE

Shipping a car from the USA to the UAE can seem daunting, but with BBC’s expertise it is a straightforward process. We handle all the paperwork, clearances, and transportation to get your vehicle delivered right to your door in the UAE.


To ship a car from the USA, you will need to provide:

– Title or registration proving ownership

– Valid US license and insurance

– Export clearance from US Customs

We will handle obtaining export licenses and clearances needed on the UAE side.

### Costs

The cost to ship a car from USA ports to UAE depends on:

-Vehicle size

– Shipping method (air vs sea)

– Origin and destination ports

On average, sea freight costs $1500-2000 while air freight is $4000-6000 for a standard sedan. Fitting into a shipping container is most economical.

### Timeline

Shipping times vary dramatically by mode:

– Air freight: 4-8 days

– Sea freight: 25-35 days

Port and customs clearance typically takes 4-7 days on each end. We expedite this process as much as possible.

### Port Clearance

BBC has longstanding relationships with major US departure ports such as New York, Miami, Houston, and Los Angeles. We are experts at clearing US Customs inspections and export processes.

On the UAE side, our dedicated agents smooth the import clearance process at major ports like Jebel Ali (Dubai), Khalifa Port (Abu Dhabi), Khor Fakkan (Sharjah). We minimize hassle and delays with all relevant authorities. Your car will be ready for delivery as soon as it arrives.

With BBC’s car shipping expertise, you can relax knowing your vehicle will arrive safely, quickly, and cost efficiently. Get in touch today for a free quote!

Shipping luggage, bags, papers and documents from Dubai, UAE to the United States of America

Shipping personal belongings like luggage, documents, and other items is a common service provided by BBC International Shipping. We have extensive experience handling the logistics of moving personal possessions from the UAE to the USA.

When shipping personal items, it’s important to properly pack and label all luggage and boxes. Documents should also be kept in secure folders or envelopes. Provide us with an accurate inventory list of everything you will be shipping. This helps ensure no items get lost or overlooked during transport.

For luggage, boxes under 30 kg, and document shipments, we offer door-to-door express air freight delivery. Shipments usually arrive within 2-4 days from the UAE to the USA. We use major airlines and reliable courier services like DHL and FedEx for personal item transportation.

Shipping costs vary based on weight, dimensions, and destination. Expect to pay around AED 100-300 for a standard sized suitcase or box under 30 kg. The price may be higher for oversized, overweight, or multiple pieces. Documents usually cost AED 50-150 to ship express.

Get a free quote from our team for your exact shipment. We’ll provide complete door-to-door rates with no hidden fees. Our prices are competitive, while still ensuring safe, secure delivery of your important personal possessions. With BBC International Shipping, you can trust us to transport your personal items to the USA hassle-free.

Shipping containers from Dubai to the United States of America

Shipping containers are a secure and cost-effective way to transport large volumes of goods between the UAE and the USA. BBC International offers comprehensive container shipping services between major ports like Jebel Ali in Dubai and destinations across the United States.

### Container Sizes

BBC ships all standard container sizes including:

– 20ft standard container – suitable for 11 euro pallets

– 40ft standard container – takes up to 26 euro pallets

– 40ft high cube container – provides extra internal height for bulky goods

– 45ft high cube container – extra long, also higher internal space

The internal dimensions and door openings vary so speak to our logistics experts to select the optimal container.

### Costs

Container shipping costs depend on:

– Container type

– Overall dimensions and weight

– Origin and destination ports

– Any special handling requirements

As a guide, 40ft container shipping starts from around $2,500 USD from Jebel Ali to the US East Coast seaports. Get a free quote for your specific cargo.

### Transit times

End-to-end transit times are about:

– Jebel Ali to US East Coast: 21-25 days

– Jebel Ali to US West Coast: 28-32 days

This includes port and customs clearance at both ends. Direct mainline services provide the fastest transit between the UAE and USA.

### Documentation

To ship containers internationally, the following documents are required:

– Commercial Invoice with full cargo descriptions

– Packing List detailing all contents

– Bill of Lading issued by the shipping line

– Any relevant import/export licenses or certificates

BBC will handle all documentation and liaise with customs brokers to ensure a smooth shipping process.

Get in touch with our logistics team to arrange reliable end-to-end container shipping between the UAE and United States. Our experts provide advice on optimal shipping solutions tailored to your cargo requirements.

Air freight from Dubai to the United States of America

When you need to ship items quickly between the UAE and USA, air freight is the best option. Air freight with BBC International Shipping offers fast trans

it times at competitive rates.

– **Costs:** Air freight costs depend on the weight and dimensions of your shipment. We offer discount rates for frequent shippers. On average, air freight costs about $4-6 per kilogram from Dubai to major US cities.

– **Transit Times:** Shipments reach most destinations within 2-4 business days door-to-door. Express services are available for next day delivery.

– **Size and Weight Restrictions:** Shipments cannot exceed 300 kgs per piece. For larger items, talk to us about chartering part or all of an aircraft.

– **Tracking:** Receive flight status notifications and delivery confirmations via email and SMS. Track your shipment’s progress in real-time using your online account.

With daily flights between the Emirates and the US, BBC handles all customs clearance and deliveries so your air freight shipment arrives safely and on-time. Get a free quote for your next air cargo needs.

## Customs Clearance

When shipping goods internationally, items need to clear customs in both the origin and destination countries. Proper documentation and duties/taxes must be paid to avoid delays or confiscations.

For shipments from UAE to USA, the required customs documents include:

– Commercial Invoice – This lists information about the shipment contents, values, importer/exporter details. It should match your packing list exactly.

– Packing List – Detailed list of all items in shipment, including description, quantity, weight, values. Must match commercial invoice.

– Bill of Lading – Issued by the shipping carrier with details on the freight booked.

– Export Declaration – Required for shipments above $2500 value, declaring the exported items.

On the USA side, a formal customs entry will need to be filed along with above documents. Custom duties, taxes, and processing fees will apply based on the items. Some categories like tobacco, alcohol, agricultural items have special restrictions.

The shipment can be inspected by US Customs based on a random selection process or if anything seems suspicious. Inspections will cause delays, so best to ensure paperwork accuracy and compliance with regulations.

Proactively consulting with a specialist like BBC can help avoid any customs clearance issues when shipping between UAE and USA. We routinely handle the customs formalities for our clients.

## Tracking Shipments

When you ship with BBC International, you can easily track your shipments every step of the way. We provide detailed online tracking that allows you to monitor the status of your shipment in real-time.

Our online tracking system provides up-to-date information on your shipment’s location and estimated delivery timeframe. As soon as your shipment is booked, you will receive a tracking number that you can use to follow your package on our website.

The tracking tool shows each checkpoint your package goes through, from origin to destination. You’ll see when it departs our facilities, passes through customs, transfers handlers, and finally arrives at its destination. If there are any delays or issues, you’ll be able to see that as well.

In addition to the online tracking tool, you can also contact our support team directly if you have any questions or need updates on your shipment. Our team is available 24/7 to assist you and provide the latest information about your package.

With BBC International’s transparent tracking process, you’ll have peace of mind knowing exactly where your valuable cargo is at all times. The detailed status updates help ensure your shipments arrive on time, every time.

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