Shipping to Erbil Iraq from Dubai, UAE | road and sea freight
Shipping to Erbil

Shipping to Erbil Iraq from Dubai

BBC Cargo Shipping Services Company in Dubai, UAE provides the best Services by Air, by Road, and by Sea, car shipping, Mover Packers Services, Food Shipping Services by Reefer Chiller Containers, Logistics Services shipping to Erbil.

Used Furniture Packing and Moving, 3-ton Pickup, 10-ton Pickup, all types of Transportation Services. This Services we provide from UAE to Iraq include all Cities as Baghdad ProvinceBasra GovernorateSulaymaniyahNinawa GovernorateErbil GovernorateNajaf GovernorateDhi Qar GovernorateKirkuk provinceAnbar GovernorateDiyala GovernorateMuthanna GovernorateQadisiyah GovernorateBabil GovernorateKarbala Governorate, and near around Cities.

General Goods cargo to Erbil from Dubai

In General cargo all type of household or daily base used item included household furnitures, washing machine, refrigrater, TV, LCD, Comuters, child toyes, cars or any vehicles.

For food items BBC Cargo Service ship by reefer truck with plus minus temprature depend on customer and items required.

BBC Cargo Service from Erbil to Dubai Via Road, and Ocean freight Services

Erbil is the state of Iraq cargo shipping from Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, Ajman, Ras Al Khaimah, Um al Quwain, and Furjairah to Erbil by road freight and also by ocean freight. Warehouse available for storage services and also packing team available for pack all items into one box.

Rerfrigrated trucks and reefer containers shipping sevices

Shipping foods vagitables, eggs, milk, dates, fruits, and ice cream items to Iraq or also import from Iraq to Dubai. Shipping process must need reefer containers, or controlled temprature refrigrted trucks.

shipping Company in Erbil from UAE

In the list of shipping company in Erbil , Iraq BBC freight forwarders No.1 professional packing and shifting door to door services also door to port, port to port, and port to door services available.

Lowbed trailers transportaion services for heavy machinery to Erbil

Low bed trailers and lowboy heavey machinery loaded truck available for good service for mega projects like oilfield projects, gas pipe line, factory manufacture and construction company shipping heavy load items from one place to another place.

Shipping to Erbil Iraq from Dubai


shipping to erbil

Household furnitures shipping to Erbil from Dubai

Export and Import services for moving your household items form one destination to your desire destination with VIP packing services for safe and secure your luggages, furnirues, electronics items. So shipping to Erbil by road and also by ocean frieght its very easy by just qoute your inquiry.

  • Cargo from Dubai to Erbil
  • Freight forwarding to Erbil, Iraq from Abu Dhabi
  • Shipping from Erbil to Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah
  • General and Dangrous goods moving services
  • Sharjah to Erbil, Baghdad, Basra, Sulaymaniyah Door to Door Cargo Services

Shipping to Erbil Transit time and Process

  1. Inquiry reciving by email or calls or whtsapp converstaion
  2. Survey and qoutation submit and after will confrim from the customers by sign
  3. Professional team will go to dismentle and pack well all items
  4. loading and tranport to warehouse after mention the transit time for loading into ship or truck
  5. by road tranport will take 15 to 25 days
  6. by sea cargo will take 25 days to 40 days
  7. after port clearnace you will recive items on your door setps or near any warehouse.
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