shipping from Dubai to Oman - Road cargo from Oman to Dubai

shipping from Dubai to Oman

shipping from Dubai to Oman

 BBC Company for shipping services from Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, Ajman, Ras Al Khaimah, UAE to the Sultanate of Oman, Muscat, Salalah, and Dhofar, land transportation, sea and air shipping, home and office furniture shipping, dismantling and packaging services, shipping of cars, heavy equipment and industrial equipment, shipping of containers, fast air shipping of papers, documents, bags, and goods from the door. Door to door shipping of refrigerated, dry and frozen foodstuffs

BBC Company offers comprehensive shipping services from the UAE to the Sultanate of Oman. We provide customized solutions for transporting goods over land, sea and air between Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, Ajman, Ras Al Khaimah to key destinations in Oman including Muscat, Salalah and Dhofar.

Our services cover:

– Shipping of household goods, office furniture, vehicles, industrial equipment

– Air freight of documents and parcels

– Supply chain solutions for refrigerated, dry and frozen foods

We have extensive experience arranging door-to-door shipments along major routes connecting Dubai to Muscat, Salalah and other regions of Oman. Whether you need to transport heavy machinery, send personal effects or setup logistics for regular cargo, BBC Company can provide rapid, reliable shipping tailored to your requirements.

This content focuses on our capabilities for UAE-Oman transportation. We’ll provide an overview of the different shipping options we offer between these two markets. The goal is to demonstrate our expertise in facilitating trade and logistics between the UAE and Oman.

Shipping from Dubai to Muscat

Shipping goods from Dubai to Muscat, the capital of Oman, can be done via sea, land, or air transport depending on the type of cargo, timeframe, and budget.

Sea freight from Dubai to Sultanate of Oman

Sea freight from Dubai to Muscat is a popular option for large volumes of goods or cargo that does not require urgent delivery. It is cheaper than air freight but takes 1-2 weeks for transit. Sea shipping to Muscat goes through Sohar port located 200km from Muscat. The main paperwork required is a bill of lading and commercial invoice. Vehicles like cars can also be shipped via Roll On Roll Off (RORO) vessels.

Land Transport  Road Freight to Oman | Dubai | UAE – Door to Door Cargo

 Land transport via trucking companies is convenient for regular cargomovement between UAE and Oman. Transit time is 2-3 days and costs are lower than air but higher than sea. Trucks can transport goods that require temperature control like food items. Paperwork includes CMR consignment note and commercial invoice. Vehicles can also be transported on flatbed trailers.

Air freight from Dubai to Muscat

Air freight is the fastest way to ship goods from Dubai to Muscat with transit times of 1-2 days. It is suitable for urgent, time-sensitive cargo, perishables, or high value goods. Costs are higher compared to sea and land transport. Key paperwork is air waybill and commercial invoice. Some airlines also transport vehicles.

Shipping from Dubai to Salalah

Salalah is located in the southern region of Oman, about 1000 km from Dubai. There are several options for shipping goods from Dubai to Salalah:


Sea freight from Dubai to Muscat


Sea shipping is a common method for transporting goods between Dubai and Salalah. There are regular container ships that sail between Jebel Ali Port in Dubai and Port of Salalah. The transit time is usually 4-5 days depending on the specifics of the route.


Sea shipping costs are economical compared to air freight. Expect to pay around $1000-$1500 for a 20ft container and $1500-$2500 for a 40ft container between Dubai and Salalah. Of course, costs can vary depending on the type of goods, weight, seasonality, and other factors.


The main paperwork required is a bill of lading and commercial invoice. Customs clearance will be required at both ends. You may need additional documents depending on the goods such as certificates of origin. A freight forwarding agent can assist with the paperwork.


Air Freight


For urgent shipments or smaller volumes, air freight can be arranged between Dubai and Salalah. There are daily flights connecting the cities via Muscat or direct flights. Transit time is usually 1-3 days depending on availability.


Costs for air freight are significantly higher than sea. Budget around $5-$10 per kg for standard air cargo rates. As with sea freight, costs vary considerably based on factors like weight, dimensions, timing, and type of goods.


Paperwork is relatively straightforward – just a house air waybill and commercial invoice in most cases. Customs clearance fees will apply at both ends. An express courier can arrange the entire shipment including paperwork.


Land Transport


Overland transport by truck is an option for shipping non-hazardous goods from Dubai to Salalah. Driving distance is about 16 hours covering 1022 km. Transit time can range from 2-5 days depending on border crossings and stops.


Trucking costs are mid-range – higher than sea but lower than air. Approximate costs are $2000-$4000 for a 20ft container and $3000-$6000 for a 40ft container. Get quotes from various transporters to compare rates.


Required paperwork includes a CMR consignment note and commercial invoice. UAE and Oman customs clearance will be needed including payment of duties if applicable. Haulage companies can advise on the procedures.


In summary, sea shipping is the most cost-effective option for goods that are not urgently required. Air freight is faster for time-sensitive deliveries. Land transport offers a middle ground. Connect with logistics companies to get tailored quotes for your specific cargo

Shipping from Dubai to Dhofar


Dhofar is the southern region of Oman, known for its monsoon climate and lush greenery. Shipping goods from Dubai to Dhofar entails crossing the Gulf of Oman, which requires working with an experienced logistics company familiar with the route. There are several options for transporting cargo to Dhofar:


Sea Freight 


The most common way to ship non-perishable goods to Dhofar is by sea. Shipping lines operate regular container services from Port Rashid in Dubai to the Port of Salalah, the main gateway for Dhofar. Transit time is approximately 2-3 days. Costs are economical compared to air freight. Key considerations include customs clearance, import/export regulations, and port handling fees. Proper documentation like bill of lading, packing lists, and commercial invoice are required.


Air Freight 


For urgent shipments, air freight from Dubai to Salalah is a faster option than sea, with transit times of just 1-2 days. Air freight costs significantly more than ocean shipping. Main airports are Dubai International Airport (DXB) and Salalah Airport (SLL). Customs clearance and paperwork is still required. Use an experienced freight forwarder to arrange air transport and documentation.


Land Transportation


Overland transportation from Dubai to Dhofar goes through Oman, crossing at Al Ain/Buraimi. Trucking transit time to Salalah is 1-2 days. Road transport is suitable for small volumes of non-critical cargo. Customs clearance is mandatory, so proper paperwork like Carnet, invoices, packing lists are essential. Overland costs more than sea but less than air.


When shipping to Dhofar from Dubai, work with a logistics provider familiar with documentation, customs clearance, and routing. Choose the transport mode – sea, air, or land – based on your timeline and budget.

Land Transport from Dubai to Oman


Transporting goods by land from Dubai to Oman is a popular option due to its low costs compared to air and sea freight. There are two main land border crossings used for shipping between the UAE and Oman – the Al Ain/Buraimi crossing and the Hatta/Wajaja crossing.


The Al Ain/Buraimi crossing is located around 150 km from Dubai and is the busiest entry point. It connects the inland oasis city of Al Ain in the UAE with Buraimi in Oman. Crossing the border here usually takes 1-2 hours depending on traffic. Customs procedures are generally smooth but an import license may be required on the Oman side depending on the goods.


The Hatta/Wajaja crossing connects the exclave of Hatta in Dubai with the city of Wajaja in Oman. This route is less busy but can still involve border delays. The advantage is it provides a shorter transit distance from Dubai.


Goods commonly transported by land from Dubai to Oman include:


– Building materials like cement, steel, timber

– Pallets and crates

– Vehicles and heavy equipment 

– Livestock

– Food products in refrigerated trucks

– Smaller shipments of domestic items or commercial goods


The main paperwork required includes a CMR road consignment note, commercial invoice, and UAE/Oman customs export-import declarations. Shipments are typically handled by freight forwarders who will arrange all documentation.


Costs for full truck loads between Dubai and Muscat start around AED 6,000-8,000. Smaller less than truck load (LTL) shipments arranged via freight forwarders can cost from AED 2-3 per kg. Transit times range from 1-2 days depending on the final destination in Oman.


So for cost-effective transportation of bulkier goods or vehicles, land shipping between Dubai and Oman is an efficient option. The established road infrastructure and border crossings make it a popular route for trade.


Shipping Cars from Dubai to Oman


Shipping cars and vehicles from Dubai to Oman requires taking care of certain registrations and paperwork. Some key considerations are:


– Registration and Ownership Documents – You would need the vehicle registration card, number plates, and ownership certificate from the UAE to legally ship the car to Oman. These documents prove your ownership.


– Insurance – Valid UAE insurance must be in place during the shipping process. Extra coverage for the transit period is advisable.


– Export Clearance – An export clearance certificate from Dubai Customs is required to ship the vehicle out of the UAE.


– Oman Import Permit – You must obtain an import permit for the vehicle from Oman Customs before it arrives at the destination port. This ensures smooth customs clearance.


**Transportation Options**


You can choose from sea freight or land transport when shipping cars from Dubai to Oman:


– Sea Shipping: This involves loading the car in a shipping container at Dubai port and transporting it via sea cargo vessel. It takes 5-7 days for the sea journey from Dubai to Oman ports like Sohar and is cost effective. However, you have limited space to load other items.


– Land Transport: Your car is loaded on a flatbed truck trailer and driven overland from Dubai to Oman. It is faster at just 1-2 days but more expensive than sea freight. You also cannot load additional cargo.


**Costs and Timelines**


For a mid-sized sedan, expect to pay around AED 2,500 – AED 3,500 for sea freight and AED 4,500 – AED 6,500 for land transport to ship from Dubai to Muscat. Door to port delivery timings are approximately 5-7 days for sea shipping and 1-2 days for land transport.


So in summary, with the right paperwork, an import permit, insurance, and selected transportation method, you can seamlessly ship your car from Dubai to any city in Oman.


Sea Freight from Dubai to Oman


Oman has several major seaports that handle cargo shipments from Dubai, including Port Sultan Qaboos in Muscat, Port of Salalah, and Port of Sohar. The primary sea route is across the Gulf of Oman which takes 1-2 days for transit.


The main types of goods transported by sea include:


– Containerized cargo – containing finished products, electronics, clothes, food items etc. This constitutes the largest volume of seaborne trade between UAE and Oman.


– Bulk cargo – including oil, gas, chemicals, grain and other raw materials loaded directly into the ship’s hold.


– Break bulk cargo – goods packed into boxes, drums, crates etc. Common items are machinery, building materials, and metals.


– Liquid cargo – transported in tanker ships such as petroleum, LPG, palm oil, water etc.


– Automobiles & rolling cargo – cars, trucks and heavy construction equipment are shipped on ro-ro vessels.


Sea freight costs from Dubai to Oman vary based on factors like type of cargo, weight/volume, destination port and shipping company used. Expect to pay around $300-$1000 for a 20ft container, and $1000-$3000 for a 40ft container.


The transit time is usually 2-5 days with proper customs clearance paperwork provided in advance. Bill of lading, commercial invoice, packing list and certificate of origin are required. Using an established freight forwarder can help manage the documentation efficiently.


Air Freight from Dubai to Oman


Air freight provides the fastest shipping times for transporting goods from the UAE to Oman. There are daily flights between Dubai and Muscat, making air cargo transport convenient and quick.


The major airports used for UAE to Oman air freight are:


– Dubai International Airport (DXB) – The main cargo and passenger airport in Dubai. DXB has extensive air cargo facilities and infrastructure.


– Abu Dhabi International Airport (AUH) – Abu Dhabi’s main airport also has cargo capabilities. AUH provides an alternative option to DXB.


– Muscat International Airport (MCT) – The primary international airport in Oman located near the capital city Muscat. MCT has a dedicated cargo terminal.


– Salalah International Airport (SLL) – Situated in the Dhofar region. SLL has air cargo services as well.


Air freight is best suited for transporting urgent, valuable or perishable goods. Examples include:


– Medical supplies, pharmaceuticals, vaccines

– Electronics and computer equipment

– Machinery and mechanical parts

– Fresh food products, seafood

– Important business documents and parcels


Costs for air freight depend on the weight and dimensions of the cargo. In general, expect to pay around $2-$5 per kg for air cargo shipments between UAE and Oman.


Door-to-door delivery times are typically 1-3 days. However, specialized same-day air freight can be arranged for time-critical shipments.


Customs clearance and paperwork is required for air cargo shipments. An established freight forwarding company can assist with the documentation and processes to ensure smooth air transport.


With daily flights and quick transit times, air freight provides a fast, flexible shipping solution between the UAE and Oman. It is ideal for urgent or valuable goods when speed is a priority.

Shipping chilled, dry and frozen foodstuffs from Dubai to the Sultanate of Oman

The BBC Company specializes in shipping refrigerated, frozen, and dry foodstuffs from Dubai to major cities in Oman including Muscat, Salalah, and Dhofar. We provide temperature-controlled shipping solutions to ensure food safety and freshness.


Our refrigerated shipping containers maintain temperatures between 2-8°C for chilled products like fresh meat, dairy, and produce. We use specialized containers and gel packs to keep perishables cold during transit. For frozen foods like ice cream, frozen vegetables, and seafood, our frozen containers maintain -18°C or below.


Dry, shelf-stable foods can be shipped at normal ambient temperatures in our general cargo containers. This includes canned goods, spices, grains, packaged foods, etc. We strap and secure loads to prevent shifting during transport.


All our shipping containers comply with food safety regulations in the UAE and Oman. Our staff are trained in proper food handling procedures and maintaining the cold chain. We provide documentation like temperature records to assure the safety and quality of your shipment.


Delivery times vary based on destination, but we offer direct transport to minimize transit time. From Dubai, standard delivery times are:


– Muscat: 1-3 days

– Salalah: 2-4 days 

– Dhofar: 3-5 days


Shipping costs depend on load size, route, and speed. We provide discounted rates for regular customers and high-volume shipments. Get a free quote today and we will tailor a solution to fit your food shipping needs.


## Conclusion


BBC Company provides comprehensive shipping services between the UAE and the Sultanate of Oman. We offer door-to-door shipping for households, offices, vehicles, equipment, and commercial goods. Our services include:


– Land transportation

– Sea freight

– Air freight

– Shipping of furniture, appliances, electronics

– Shipping of vehicles and industrial equipment 

– Shipping of containers

– Shipping of refrigerated, frozen, and dry foods


We provide fast and reliable shipping between all major cities in the UAE such as Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, and Ajman to key destinations in Oman including Muscat, Salalah, and Dhofar.


With years of experience, we understand the unique shipping requirements for the UAE and Oman. Get in touch with our experts to plan your shipment and obtain a customized quote.


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BBC ships from UAE cities to Oman—furniture, cars, food, etc. Land, sea, air freight to Muscat, Salalah. Door-to-door service.

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